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What Is Local Omni Marketing…and why?

The Digital World…The Reality Today!

We all know that Google considers “content as king” and uses it in their ever changing algorithm search engine results being served up to the consumer.  If your service markets are local, regional or nationwide, it’s increasingly harder to reach your target audience and drive them back to your website to purchase your services and hopefully capture any high authority backlinks to help your websites ranking as well.  It’s not only required to have your website ADA Compliant for accessibility (new federal law), but you must have your website fully “optimized” at a minimum for Google to consider driving any traffic to your website.  Businesses must also have their verified business location listed on “Google My Business” platform while at the same time compete for the coveted “3-Pack” search result position.  Add to this, Google’s new search result platform of their new featured “Snippet” that is selected and served up on top of the coveted “3-Pack” position.  In addition for this year, 2023, 60% of Google’s searches will be done by “voice keyword search” and the business websites that are not optimized for “voice keywords search” will not be found.

Take note, the above digital reality check is driven by two important Google requirements…high authority unique content and various keyword search rankings. While these requirements are very important for any business to implement, there is one very new exciting option for the business owner to implement and that’s “Local Omni Marketing” (also called Omnipresent Marketing) offered by Digital Intent Marketing.

It’s About Being Everywhere

List of Companies who lost the ADA lawsuits because of their non ada compliance website.  They had to settle & pay like Fox News & Winn Dixi

Simply creating extraordinary unique content and capturing the top keywords in search isn’t enough anymore.  Every business website owner has to have a content distribution strategy in place that makes your content omnipresent (Omni).

 The Power Of Being Everywhere In Your Local Market

(How To Get There)

Digital Intent Marketing offers Local Omni Marketing service campaigns which take any business content (company image and service offerings) and allows it to be every where, all over the local internet making you appear where your customers are looking in a fast, easy way, unlike anything else that’s ever been done before.  It’s not about the customer looking for you, it’s about you finding and reaching the customer before your competition does.

Being everywhere for the customer to find you is about “immediacy” as your Omni content is distributed across all your local media outlets at the same time.  Your business content is amplified to all your local news networks, content editors, blogs video platforms and over 400 local and regional broadcasting outlets.

How Is It Done?

Digital Intent Marketing has secured and fostered “exclusive relationships” with all the foremost news and content platforms, news networks and high authority websites that most business don’t have access to and if they were approved they would have to pay expensive fees and go through an strenuous approval process.  At Digital Intent Marketing our clients content is posted on the following platforms (sample list below):



Niche Related Platforms 

We can get your on sites like: – Google News – YouTube & Vimeo – ABC, NBC, CBS & Fox News Sites – Podcast Sites – SlideShare Sites – High Traffic Blogs – Facebook & Twitter news platforms.  This means more people see whatever your business wants to promote, in more places. Winning trust… getting attention… and making more sales!

It’s also great for getting local businesses in the 3-Pack and capturing all the high authority back links for your website.

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Niche relater awareness like, Google News – YouTube & Vimeo – ABC, NBC, CBS & Fox News Sites – Podcast Sites around your markets

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