Voice Keyword Search with many Google logos, and a black background & are you optimized for Google Voice? 80% will be Voice Search by 2024

Voice Search & SEO Optimization…. Voice Search Will Dominate in 2024…

Voice keyword search is quickly replacing the typing of keywords for online queries and over 60% search requests uses peoples natural everyday conversational voice requests.  Voice search allows your prospects and existing clients to just speak naturally into their hand help devices or desktop speakers to find you.  The technology used today uses speech recognition to capture and understand what users are saying with exact precision and delivers the results on the devices by visual text and orally.

What Is Voice Search Optimization?

Voice search optimization of you website is a process of updating your site to reflect the intent of your prospects immediate wants and needs at that moment when they talk directly into their devices with long tail keywords natural language requests.  The “conversational voice search results” will be served up to the prospects by capturing the top position of the new Google’s “feature snippet” top page results.

What Are Featured Snippets?…the new normal!

Google’s featured snippets are serve up to your prospects based on a summary of an answer to the user’s voice search long tail keyword query…..which is then displayed on top of Google’s search results known a “Position Zero” .  A featured snippet is like a small text ad clipping taken from your local newspaper or community magazine that lists your service in a short paragraph or table format.  By capturing the “Position Zero” in Google’s search results you will reach you target audience before your competitor does.

Why Does Featured Snippets Matter To Voice Search
Why Does Featured Snippets Matter To Voice Search

Why Does Featured Snippets Matter To Voice Search?

It’s the new future of Google search.  If your website is not keyword voice search and content optimized Google will not serve up your website to the prospects who are searching for your services.  It’s imperative to do it today.  Contact Digital Intent Marketing to get a free website review on how you can become compliant in the new normal of voice search.

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