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Digital City Pages
Expanded Local SEO For Multiple Surrounding Cities in 2023

With the recent Google algorithm updates, many business owners have been left in the dark. The most important question every owner needs to ask themselves is:

 “How can I get my business “found” in multiple cities and surrounding locations in Google My Business (GMB) by prospects who are not located in my verified main city location?”


Get found Surrounding locations of Butler Digital City Pages map

Making an Impact Across Local SEO

When it comes to Local SEO and Google Maps optimization, you can only leverage your Google My Business listing for the verified business operation address you gave to Google.

This means your GMB listing will only help you get “found” (in most cases) within the city where you have an office.

But what about the dozens, or even hundreds, of surrounding markets where your prospects live and operate from?

This is where the power of city pages comes in. With Digital City Pages and our search optimization strategies offered at Digital Intent Marketing, (division of HBS Outsourcing) the business owners are realizing how big the opportunity is to get “found” in local Google search and in surrounding cities that are well outside their verified business local city address. 

Target Other Cities Digital City Pages Local SEO like Butler  & Evans City map

With GMB / Google Maps coveted listing positions, you are limited to only one primary business category and only one specific address or location.  But with our city pages, you can now target any combination of products or services in the expanded areas of your choice.

For example, let’s say my business is located in (B) Butler, PA.  I would obviously want a Google business listing verified for my local Google Maps rankings.

But what if I also wanted to reach prospects in all of other cities between (B) Butler and (A) Cranberry, as an example.

Or better yet, what if my business is actually located in a small city somewhere near Butler, where my Google business listing is verified, but I want to reach customers in New Castle or Pittsburgh PA?


City of Pittsburgh, Digital City Pages Get Found By Google My Business Local SEO

This is where local Digital City Pages comes into play:

When you create local city pages built into your website to compete in Google local search in the surrounding cities, you need to create unique pages that have a lot of “authority”.  For your local city pages, the more related top local keyword phrases your content  mentions, the more likely you’ll produce a high quality page that will rank in Google and beat out your competitor.  The keywords for a successful city pages is having pages with “authority” and great unique “content”.


Being Patient With Digital City Pages:

Getting your local city page found by customers who live in your local verified target city doesn’t always happen overnight though.  How quickly your local city page gets ranked in Google search and found by prospective customers is mostly a function of your website’s overall current level of domain authority.  If you don’t rank locally the chances of you getting ranked outside your local market with your city pages is poor.  This is where Digital Intent Marketing can also assist you in your website strategy.

The more domain authority your website has locally, the faster a new local city page will shoot up to the top search results in Google for your top keyword phrases related to your business, product, or services.

If your website is currently lacking local domain authority, then you’ll need to fix this first and then move onto establishing a local city page website program. 

Once your website has local domain and / or location authority is established, then your city page will hit a tipping point and start producing traffic, leads, and sales for your business. This tipping point can produce exponential growth in your website visits and phone calls from your surrounding targeted cities

The growth factor can be even greater when you start targeting many surrounding cities between 5 to 25 with your city page programs. 

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