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Wexford It’s History And More

Wexford PA, is an unincorporated neighborhood situated north of Pittsburgh in Allegheny County, PA, United States. The location referred to as Wexford is divided amongst numerous towns, that consists of Franklin Park, McCandless Township, Pine Township, and Marshall Township. It is called after the County of Wexford in Ireland.

Local Wexford Facts &Truths:

County Wexford, in Ireland (Irish: Contae Loch Garman) is a county situated in the south-east of the Republic of Ireland, in the province of Leinster. It takes its name from the primary town, Wexford, called ‘Waesfjord’ called by the Vikings– implying ‘inlet (fjord) of the mud-flats’ in the Old Norse native language.

Wexford, PA is house to numerous upper-middle-class individuals and households where Wexford’s industrial landscape is controlled by a mix of corporate company chains, vehicle dealers, and a variety of regional small companies, providing this village much variety. Wexford’s main road is referred to as the “Wexford Flats”, U.S. Route 19. It is likewise house to North Allegheny Senior High School situated on the “Wexford Flats and Pine-Richland High School, Eden Hall Upper Elementary School, Marshall Middle School, Eden Christian Academy, Wexford Elementary School and Vincentian Academy.

The existence of North Allegheny Senior High School, a big, well moneyed public high school, the many household organizations, and a number of churches along the “Wexford Flats” provides the location a more unique and special neighborhood identity than just an otherwise average suburban area in the Greater Pittsburgh Area. Surrounding to Wexford is North Park and North Park lake.


The Wexford location is a growing neighborhood with communities and neighborhoods continuously increasing. To represent the enormous boost in population in the past couple of years and for many years to come, the county eventually broadened U.S. Route 19, the roadway that goes through the “flats”, by including a center turn lane. Prior to its growth, the roadway was 4 lanes (2 each way , Nth. & St.), and rush hour triggered substantial issues for motorists trying to carry out left turns.

Unlike the majority of Allegheny County, Wexford was eliminated from location code of 412 when it was partitioned in 1998, being positioned into the location code of 724 now. Part of this was because of Wexford’s close distance to Cranberry Township, among the fastest-growing locations in the United States.

Wexford comes under the management of Pine Township.

The History of the Pine Township:

The Municipality of Pine was developed in 1796. Back then it was included as part of the Allegheny County Region north of the Ohio as well as Allegheny rivers and also west of the boundary lines between Jones’ and the Cunningham’s areas. Its initial restrictions made up the whole of eleven existing municipalities and also parts of 3 others.

After the establishment of Ohio Township in 1803, Pine Township consisted of much of Jones’ and Douglass’ districts that were positioned in Allegheny County consisting of all of Ross, Reserve, McCandless, Pine and Allegheny City, and parts of Richland, Hampton and Shaler Townships. With the excision of McCandless Township, the location of the municipality was developed at its existing size of around 17 square miles.

Thomas Rodgers has actually typically been considered as the very first inhabitant within today limitations of Pine, having actually settled here in 1796. His child William and his grand sons George, William and Thomas all resided in and passed away in Pine other than Thomas who passed away in a different place. Samuel Beatty was likewise among the early inhabitants in Pine.

The old Franklin Road was opened through the area early in its advancement and offered the very first incentive to settlement.

Wexford is known and is among the earliest post-villages in this part of the county that was developed in 1828. Pine Creek, Little Pine Creek and a number of small rivers branches of the Connoquenessing in the municipality. The farming land is of reasonable quality and farming was the sole profession of the early inhabitants in Pine Township.

At the turn of the century, there were 6 churches in the town, with the earliest being Cross Roads Presbyterian, developed in 1827 and is still active today. Other churches consisted of the West Union United Presbyterian Church arranged in 1842, the Far View Baptist Church developed in 1879, the Salem Methodist Episcopal Church and the Mt. Pleasant Presbyterian Church.

The very first school opened in 1800 in the house of Francis Deery. In 1860 the population was 1,021; in 1870, 718 and in 1880 was 773. Today population, drawn from the 2015 census is 18,000+ and is still growing today


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In And Around Wexford And The “Flats” 

Mysterious Road Defies Gravity Near Wexford Gravity Hill, North Park

There is an area at a remote crossway in North Park, Pittsburgh, PA understood to residents as “Gravity Hill”. It is one of numerous such areas throughout the nation (and world) in which gravity is inexplicably modified and reversed, due to supernatural and magnetic forces that no one has actually attempted to describe!


Creepy and real?  You bet, but it’s the fun!

Click Here To See The Video


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Wexford | ADA Compliance On Websites | Digital Intent Marketing

List of Streets in Wexford, PA

With Google Maps and Photos Streetview

Zip Code 15090

Abbey Lane   In Wexford 15090
Abbs Crest Lane   In Wexford 15090
Acorn Court   In Wexford 15090
Albemarle Drive   In Wexford 15090
Alpen Court   In Wexford 15090
Alpine Lane   In Wexford 15090
Alydar Drive   In Wexford 15090
Amber Court   In Wexford 15090
Antler Point Drive   In Wexford 15090
Arbordale Lane   In Wexford 15090
Archberry Lane   In Wexford 15090
Ardmore Street   In Wexford 15090
Armadale Court   In Wexford 15090
Arthur Drive   In Wexford 15090
Ash Court   In Wexford 15090
Ashford Court   In Wexford 15090
Ashley Court   In Wexford 15090
Ashley Hill Drive   In Wexford 15090
Ashley Place   In Wexford 15090
Aspen Lane   In Wexford 15090
Aspen Road   In Wexford 15090
Barnwood Drive   In Wexford 15090
Barrington Drive   In Wexford 15090
Bauer Drive   In Wexford 15090
Baur Drive   In Wexford 15090
Beaver Court   In Wexford 15090
Belmere Lane, West   In Wexford 15090
Belmere Road, East   In Wexford 15090
Belmere Road, West   In Wexford 15090
Belton Circle   In Wexford 15090
Berkshire Court   In Wexford 15090
Berry Field Court   In Wexford 15090
Birchfield Court   In Wexford 15090
Birchwood Court   In Wexford 15090
Black Oak Court   In Wexford 15090
Blaze Court   In Wexford 15090
Blazier Drive   In Wexford 15090
Blue Heron Drive   In Wexford 15090
Blueberry Lane   In Wexford 15090
Blum Avenue   In Wexford 15090
Bonnie View Drive   In Wexford 15090
Bowman Lane   In Wexford 15090
Bradford Drive   In Wexford 15090
Bradford Road   In Wexford 15090
Bradford Way   In Wexford 15090
Brandt School Road   In Wexford 15090
Brandtview Drive   In Wexford 15090
Brant Road   In Wexford 15090
Breckenridge Drive   In Wexford 15090
Brennan Road   In Wexford 15090
Briar Court   In Wexford 15090
Briar Hill Court   In Wexford 15090
Bridgebrook Lane   In Wexford 15090
Bridle Path Drive   In Wexford 15090
Bristol Court   In Wexford 15090
Broadway Street   In Wexford 15090
Brooker Drive   In Wexford 15090
Brooks Road   In Wexford 15090
Brookside Drive   In Wexford 15090
Brooktree Road   In Wexford 15090
Brown Road   In Wexford 15090
Buttonwood Court   In Wexford 15090
Candle Ridge Drive   In Wexford 15090
Canterwood Drive   In Wexford 15090
Cardinal Drive   In Wexford 15090
Carriage Drive   In Wexford 15090
Carvine Drive   In Wexford 15090
Castle Lane   In Wexford 15090
Cedar Crest Court   In Wexford 15090
Cedarwood Drive   In Wexford 15090