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 Here are some interesting facts and information about Pittsburgh you may not know…

Pittsburgh It’s History And Resources

 Pittsburgh was founded on November 25, 1758. The city was named by General John Forbes, in honor of British statesman William Pitt, the 1st Earl of Chatham.

 Situated at the union of the Allegheny and the Monongahela Rivers and at the head of the Ohio River, Pittsburgh was described as the “Gateway to the West” from its early days as a frontier town.

Conveniently navigable rivers with a wealth of natural deposits (coal, lumber, natural gas, iron and sedimentary rock) drove Pittsburgh to become the industrial center for a fast growing nation.

The majority of people acknowledge something very special about Pittsburgh’s history, that it was known as a commercial center for coal mining as well as steel production.

Pittsburgh has played a major historical role in the U.S. from the very early days of the French and Indian War (1758 ), to the Revolutionary War (1776 ), to the well known Whiskey Rebellion (1791) as well as the American Civil War (1860s) with its historical Underground Railroad stops.

The Civil War increased the city’s economic situation with enhanced iron and also weaponry needs. With his creation of the Bessemer steel making procedure, Scottish immigrant Andrew Carnegie completed his rise from obscurity to come to be the richest person on the planet. Carnegie began steel manufacturing in 1875. Henry Clay Frick, grandson of western Pennsylvania scotch distillers, made his money building and running beehive coking stoves where coal became coke, a needed basic material in steel making. Quickly, both men integrated to develop the Carnegie Steel Co. In 1901, Carnegie as well as Frick combined several leading companies to form United States Steel Corp.

Pittsburgh Wharf in 1890 and Pittsburgh Skyline with 3 rivers in 1940

 The history of America’s labor union, when started, added some very uncertain days during the Homestead Steel Strike and also the subsequent armed dispute’ the Battle of Homestead. From these hard days, however, the beginning and expansion of the modern-day labor practices grew and also the laws to safeguard employees came into being.

While the riverfront steel mills of the Mon Valley are mostly gone, the kindness of commercial titans like Carnegie and Frick, food supplier H.J. Heinz, and banker/financier Andrew Mellon survives in a legacy of art, society and education in Pittsburgh. What also continues to be are the Frick family members house, called Clayton, along with a large expensive art collection. Andrew Carnegie’s charitable public contributions included The Carnegie Library, Carnegie Museums of Pittsburgh, as well as Carnegie Institute of Technology (known today as Carnegie Mellon University) of which these buildings stand today.

Up to the mid-1950s and beyond, Pittsburgh was the nation’s eighth-largest city, making up nearly half of the U.S. steel volume. The city’s population expanded to over a half million with European immigration coming through via Ellis Island. Pittsburgh’s communities still retain their ethnic personality that mirrors the city’s immigrant history.

The Pittsburgh region has dealt with rough times in the 1970s as well as the 80s when steel manufacturing almost disappeared from its landscape, it has however re-invented itself as a hub for education and learning, medication, small production as well as research study. Of course, having great sports fans and teams has enhanced the city’s reputation. The pride of the black and gold of all 3 of its professional organizations, Steelers (NFL), Pirates (MLB) and Penguins (NHL) are synonymous with the pride that the local neighborhood homeowners have in its sports teams and also the city they represent.

Today, Pittsburgh enjoys all visitors from around the globe. Its toughness depends on its authenticity as an all-American city.  It’s genuine, tireless and inviting energy and sense of community has actually changed it into one of the most surprisingly beautiful and also the most modern cities in the USA. To fully relive Pittsburgh’s past, one has to see the Senator John Heinz History Center for an immersive historical experience.

Skyline of Pittsburgh from Mt Washington showing Smithfield, Ft Pitt Bridge and 4 other bridges with white clouds and blue sky in 2020

 Pittsburgh Revitalized

In the late 1970s and also very early 1980s, the steel industry collapsed, but Pittsburgh handled and adjusted to the changing economy, transforming itself as well as changing itself to a service-based region. Medicine, education, modern technology, and financial businesses now drive the Pittsburgh economy.  Pittsburgh is also called a small silicon valley and region now.

The 21st Century

 As Pittsburgh commemorates its 262nd birthday celebration in 2020, the city has once more put on a new face. Most of the old industrial locations have been reborn as shopping, cultural and dining districts. In 1992, the first-rate Pittsburgh International Airport opened. Heinz Field, home of the Pittsburgh Steelers, the new PNC Park is home of the Pittsburgh Pirates, along with The Carnegie Science Museum, have rejuvenated Pittsburgh’s North Shore. The Rivers Casino opened up in August of 2009, and also a new residence for the Pittsburgh Penguins, The Consol Energy Center, opened up in the fall of 2010.

 Over the centuries, Pittsburgh has actually acquired several nicknames– The Gateway to the West, The Smoky City, The Steel City, The City of Champions, The City with a Smile on Its Face, The World’s Most Livable City– but to thousands, Pittsburgh has actually been synonymous with another word: home. And as long as there are rivers rushing through the valleys right here, individuals will continue to come to Pittsburgh to make it their home as the place to live forever. 



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In and Around Pittsburgh and Oakland

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Transportation and Moving around Pittsburgh

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Did You Know These Pittsburgh Facts?


The 2010 Census, shows 305,704 people residing in the city of Pittsburgh

Pittsburgh was named the Top 10 Best Places to Live in the U.S. (Livability)

Yes, Pittsburgh is ranked the #2 Safest and Most Affordable City to Live in (Realtor)

Pittsburgh is Ranked the #3 Coolest City to Visit  (National Geographic Traveller)

Pittsburgh is Ranked as the Top Three Best Cities for the First-time Homebuyers (Lending Tree)

# 6 as the “Best U.S. City to Earn a Living” (Forbes)

Pittsburgh is One of Eight Most Digitally Inclusive Tech Cities (Brookings Institute)

Pittsburgh is Ranked  #10 “World’s Cleanest Cities” (Forbes)

Pittsburgh is #. 3 “Top 25 U.S. Arts Destinations,” mid-sized city category (AmericanStyle)

Pittsburgh is Ranked #1 of seven “Adventure Cities” (National Geographic Adventure)

Pittsburgh Named Best Cities for Jobs (Glassdoor)

Pittsburgh Ranked as One of the Best Cities to Start a Business (Inc. Magazine)

Pittsburgh International Airport Ranked #7 Best Medium-sized Airport in North America for passenger satisfaction (JD Power)

Pittsburgh is Ranked as the 2nd Most Livable City in the U.S., 1st in the Continental U.S. and 32nd in the World (Economic Intelligence Unit)


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It’s not a choice for today’s businesses not to do anything. Using the justification that I was not familiar with the ADA Website Compliance regulations have actually failed as a defense in the courts and huge penalties have actually being awarded. This law comes under the “strict liability legislation” law… you are guilty before you mount a defense! From the out of court negotiations (attorneys costs), plaintiff settlements plus the added expenditure to fix your business webpage, it can cost you $50,000+ and more. If you choose to head to court and battle the “demand letter”, your expense can exceed $250,000. Thousands of companies are getting these legal letters from disabled complainant attorneys claiming their web site is breaking the law as outlined in the ADA Title III legislation. 

The regulation today … Department of Justice (DOJ) declares it’s stance that the ADA law is meant for all business web pages.

In 2018, the DOJ sent out a letter to participants of Congress which clarified that it believes Title III of the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) affects all sites and are considered websites of public accommodations therefore businesses must comply.

In the letter, it flatly specifies that “the ADA relates to public accommodations websites” (which is mostly all web sites) as well as requires all organizations that consist of those who are impaired and disabled in their “virtual” markets as well as public locations is “consistent with the ADA’s title III need that the items, solutions, opportunities services, or activities provided by places of public accommodation (web sites) be just as easily accessible to people with impairments.”  This has actually changed the digital advertising and marketing industry who serve the local and regional neighborhood as well as nationwide … and the effects have already started.

What Does ADA Compliant Mean For Websites?

ADA compliance for websites means people with specials needs have to have the exact same possibilities as everyone else while on an internet site. All sites should be accessible to site visitors who have handicaps with their hearing, vision or physical capabilities. If your website site is not ADA certified, you are wide open to be sued.

Is ADA Compliance Mandatory For Websites?

The DOJ has consistently held that while the ADA does not particularly clear the air on the question of internet site availability to the disabled, its language is still broad enough to include your websites as part of your business day to day operation. The legal consensus is that Title III charges all businesses that have a website can have a legal action brought against them and get sued if they are no following the law.

What If My Website Is Not ADA Compliant?

Every business website is wide open for a legal action if a handicapped individual can’t access your business internet site. You will have to pay legal charges, plaintiff awards and costs and then pay to have your business  website fixed to be ADA compliant. When you obtain a demand legal letter from an attorney, it can cost you $25,000+ just to settle plus the cost to bring of your website into compliance.

How Do I Make Sure My Website Is ADA Compliant?

4 Steps To Make Sure Your Website Is ADA Compliant:

  1. Obtain a full review and audit of your website for compliance ASAP
  2. Update and code your website with all the approved HTML Tags
  3. Hire an ADA Compliance Agency like Digital Intent Marketing to help
  4. Stay up to date on all new ADA Compliance requirements and changes

… if you do these steps, you will not have any legal action taken against you.

How Much Does It Cost To Get A Website Compliant With ADA?

The ADA Compliance On Website Cost Is The Responsibility Of Every Business Owner … But There’s Financial Help Available

The expense to get your website “accessibility of web sites” conformity needed by the ADA differs from one company to the another. Each service site is a custom made advertising and marketing asset that needs a hands on auditing procedure done and an in-depth search review by a technical evaluation to establish the correct expense so you can fulfill to the ADA website conformity level.

The bright side? There is assistance to pay for bringing your site right into conformity from a Tax Credit of as much as $5,000.00 paid by the IRS.